Organic Dried Sea Moss

Dried Golden Sea Moss (16oz)

Dried Golden Sea Moss (16oz)


Purple Sea Moss Dried 16oz

Purple Sea Moss Dried 16oz


Dried Green Sea Moss (16oz)

Dried Green Sea Moss (16oz)


Full Spectrum Sea Moss (16oz)

Full Spectrum Sea Moss (16oz)


How To Use Dried Sea Moss To Make Sea Moss Gel

#1. Clean the Sea Moss

  • You'll need dried sea moss, a large bowl, and fresh water (preferably spring or distilled water).
  • Place the sea moss in a large bowl. Run cold water over it to remove any sea debris, sand, or salt.
  • Carefully check the sea moss for any remaining debris. Rinse several times until the water runs clear.

#2. Soak the Sea Moss

  • After rinsing, cover the sea moss with a generous amount of water, as it will expand during soaking.
  • Leave the sea moss to soak for at least 12 hours, or ideally, 24 hours. The moss will absorb water and double in size.
  • For added flavor and nutrients, consider adding a slice of lime or lemon to the soaking water.

#3. Blend the Sea Moss

  • After soaking, drain off the water and give the sea moss another rinse.
  • Place the sea moss in a blender. Add fresh, clean water - about 1 cup of water for every ounce of sea moss.
  • Blend until smooth. The mixture should form a thick, creamy gel.

Questions About Our Dried Sea Moss

What is dried sea moss?

Dried sea moss is a type of seaweed that has been naturally dried. It's harvested from the ocean and is known for its gelatinous properties when rehydrated.

How do I prepare dried sea moss for use?

To prepare dried sea moss, rinse it thoroughly to remove any sea debris or salt. Soak it in water for 12-24 hours, allowing it to expand and soften. After soaking, blend it with fresh water until smooth to make sea moss gel.

Can dried sea moss be added directly to foods?

You can, but it will not taste good, an it will contain debris from the ocean. Dried sea moss needs to be rehydrated and typically blended into a gel before being added to foods. It is not recommended to add it directly to foods in its dried form due to its tough and chewy texture.

User How long does dried sea moss last?

When properly stored, dried sea moss can last for an extended period. Typically, if kept in an airtight container away from direct sunlight and moisture, dried sea moss can maintain its quality for up to one to two years. It's essential to ensure that the storage container is tightly sealed to prevent exposure to air, which can lead to degradation over time.

Is there any difference in nutritional value between dried and fresh sea moss?

Dried sea moss retains most of the nutritional value of fresh sea moss. The drying process only removes water content, preserving the minerals and vitamins.

How much dried sea moss should I use to make gel?

A common ratio is about 1 part dried sea moss to 10 parts water when making sea moss gel. However, you can adjust the amount of water to reach your desired gel consistency.

Can I flavor my sea moss gel?

Yes, you can flavor sea moss gel by blending it with fruits, herbs, or natural sweeteners during the preparation process to enhance its taste.

How do I know if my dried sea moss is of good quality?

Good quality dried sea moss should have a natural color (ranging from brown to green to purple), a slight sea aroma, and be free from any artificial additives or preservatives. It should also be dry and brittle to the touch.

How can you tell if dried sea moss is bad?

You can tell if dried sea moss is bad by checking its appearance, smell, and texture. Check for signs of mold, discoloration, or dark spots, indicating spoilage. A mild, seaweed-like odor is normal, but any foul or pungent smell suggests is is bad. Additionally, the sea moss should feel dry and brittle, easily breaking into small pieces. If it feels slimy, mushy, or excessively soft, it may have gone bad. To avoid potential health risks, throw away any dried sea moss showing these signs.

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